Heatherbank Guesthouse

Bed and Breakfast

Strontian, Ardnamurchan peninsula

Tel: +44 (0) 1967 402394

Bed and breakfast accommodation by Strontian
at the base of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, West Highlands of Scotland
and a gateway to Mull, Iona and the Small Isles

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The wildlife at Strontian is prolific. Red deer are frequently seen from the house and a heron regularly stalks our pond. Black grouse lec half a mile from the house and we can hear them clearly on a still evening. Wildcats breed in the area. There are otters and seals on the shore of Loch Sunart and the pine marten is a common but elusive neighbour. Golden eagles are regularly seen and sea eagles fly nearby on the peninsula and on nearby Mull.

There are whale, porpoise and dolphin watching boat trips. Basking sharks and puffins can be seen at the right time of year.

Butterflys such as Scotch Argos, Dingy Skipper and Dark Green Fritillary and Emporer Moths are seen

At Ariundle and towards Salen are the ancient Atlantic fringe oak woodlands with an abundance of flora, mosses and lichens. The higher ground supports typical wetland acid plants such as bog asphodel, butterwort and sundew.

Above Strontian are the remains of the old lead mines in the granite where the element strontium was first discovered and named after the village. At the western end of the peninsula can be found the Ardnamurchan Ring which is a huge volcanic crater formed when the Atlantic Ocean was opened up – the remains of probably two volcanoes which have been weathered down. Near Kilchoan there is a muddy limestone bearing distinct fossils.



Local National Nature Reserves
Ardnamurchan Natural History Centre
Sunart Oakwoods
Glendrian Volcanic Ring
Outdoor Capital of the UK
RSPB Glenborrrodale

Chris Green. Heatherbank, Strontian, Acharacle, Highland. PH36 4JB. United Kingdom
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